USS Freight Brokerage, Inc. maintains exceptionally high carrier standards. Standards we hold dear for our carrier services as a freight broker. Our standards support our commitment to building long term partnerships with all our customers and carriers.

Texas Values

We stick to our core values of honesty, reliability, dedication, integrity and value. This gives shippers the confidence that their investments remain in good hands. We also invite independent carriers and owner-operators to consider careers with an organization that shares their values and commitment.

Certified Carriers

We verify current insurance on every carrier in our fleet and network, before we commit to loads. We background and credit check all our carriers to ensure high-quality standards in shipping freight. We are licensed and bonded to meet all federal shipping standards, and local rules and regulations. We settle for nothing less than providing 5-star customer service with on-time delivery, every time. We hold our carriers to the highest service standards to meet all of your individual shipping needs. We place the highest value on your investment and our personnel, and promote safety in all we do.